About Us

A group of highly motivated professionals working together to encourage ideas that are both innovative and creative.

The Move Group

​We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

- Albert Einstein


Founded in 2011 what started as a simple idea, took root and blossomed into a vehicle for others to make their goals a tangible reality.

Led by C.S. André this team takes a fresh approach to resolving issues that companies and the individuals who run them encounter daily. The Move Group is a team of dedicated business professionals that provide an extensive list of services with the purpose of advancing our clients.

Joshua R. Liebowitz, Vice President of Client Services believes developing your corporate identity is vital to success and gaining a foothold in the field of your choosing. "We work hard to establish and execute the best plan of action for our clients."

Deidre B. Southerland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing spearheads all promotional campaigns and works closely with clients to market themselves effectively.

A name, a thought or sometimes even a whisper... once the seed is planted there is no telling what will happen.

- Joshua R. Liebowitz

Our Team

Joshua R. Liebowitz

Vice President Client Services

Deidre B. Southerland

Vice President Sales & Marketing

C.S. André

President & CEO

Why Choose Us

What's important to you is important to us.


Starting a business? When you find the means, the opportunity and motivation the Move Group will help you move forward with building your future.


Already established? We will work with you to set policies that are personalized for your business, focusing on the key essentials necessary to give you a foothold in the field of your choosing.


Trying to run your business? Fortitude, skill and sacrifice… these are the elements vital and necessary to making your dreams a reality and continued success. The Move Group is your team and together we will find the most effective path to executing your vision.

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