The ones who keep things moving

Joshua Liebowitz

Vice President Client Services

Joshua came to The Move Group with years of experience with both customer service and client development. His work as an Account Manger working directly with C-LEvel executives has provided him with a cache of extensive knowledge and experience. He believes the customer comes first and applies this attitude to all things related to customer strategy.

Deidre B. Southerland

 Vice President Sales & Marketing

Deidre's experience in marketing and public relations has been invaluable to the growth of The Move Group. Her free spirited approach to keeps day to day operations light hearted and fun. Her love of life takes nothing away from her 'no holds barred' approach to business and markting. She is an innovator, and presses forward until all objectives have been met.

C. S. André

President & CEO


For research and reporting, C. S. André acts as an Independent Consultant for a number of small businesses. Database development, administration and troubleshooting are a passion for her. Promoting efficiency and organization are a top priority for her. These skills provide her with an eye for accuracy that allows for no ‘small detail’ to go unnoticed.


Part of the core process of The Move Group is to review clients’ current infrastructure and work closely with them to develop customized strategies to ensure day to day processes are efficient and establish long term bench marks.


Logos, mottos, web development and marketing tools are an essential component to the services offered by this team. The Move Group uses the latest in technology to develop their ‘corporate identity’.


She has her eye on the very specific goal of starting a non-profit organization for the advancement of women. Her intent is to focus on youth services, minority women, survivors of cancer and women in the armed forces.  

"Relationships are the foundation on which society is built upon. Let’s build an empire together."     - C. S. André